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Company History and Values

Founded in 1999 as an employee-governed company, we are in our eighth successful year of solving business problems with software for our friends in the healthcare, life safety and manufacturing sectors. Our technical principals each have more than 20 years' experience in software development.

We practice absolute integrity, clear communication and rigorous analysis in our work.

Our Staff

Carl Niedner, President: a graduate of Brown University, Carl has been developing software and leading projects since 1983. His emphases are in healthcare and emergency services applications, knowledge representation and Windows development.

Carl Miller, Vice President: a graduate of Boston University, with master's degrees from the Universities of Massachusetts and Idaho, Carl has been developing software and leading projects since 1981. His emphases are in cyber-security, commercial security, Windows applications and real-time/embedded systems.

Jean Niedner, Treasurer: a graduate of the University of Arizona, Jean has an extensive background in retail, medical practice management and small business operation.


We're proud of our members' publications, most of which have to do with content based retrieval and the knowledge representation tools we have under development:

Miller, James S., Niedner, Carl D. and London, Jack. "The Organization Engine: virtual data integration." Proceedings: The Sixteenth Annual Symposium on Computer Applications in Medical Care. Washington, DC IEEE Press, 1992.

Niedner, Carl D. "Use of SQL with an entity-attribute-value database." MUMPS Users' Group Quarterly, volume XXI, no. 3. College Park, MD. The MUMPS Users' Group, 1991.

Niedner, Carl D. "The entity-attribute-value model for data and control structures in radiology." S/CAR 90: Computer Applications to Assist Radiology. Carlsbad, CA. Symposia Foundation Press, 1990.

Coelo Public Service

We're proud of our commitment to organizational good citizenship.

As a company, we adhere to living wage covenants, contribute annually to a range of social and environmental programs, and perform pro bono services for worthy organizations.

We provide mentorship to rising software developers.

Coelo is in its third year sponsoring and guiding senior computer science concentrators at Oregon State University in a capstone design project, an emergency services planning simulator. Coelo's sponsored teams have captured first prize in the Computer Science Division of Oregon State's Engineering Expo for two consecutive years, and participants in its teams are now successfully contributing to professional software development teams.

We're also proud that our members individually contribute to the common good by:

  • Working on sustainable building projects in a Zapotec community in southern Oaxaca.
  • Serving as a volunteer firefighter and emergency medical technician since 1979.
  • Organizing and leading a volunteer-run recycling center.
  • Providing basic treatment in a free community medical clinic.
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