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Success Stories

Machine Vision for Automated Assembly

Our client needed to automate an expensive, time-consuming manual assembly process, using existing robots — whose specified accuracy was coarser than necessary part clearances! Our innovative vision/robotics prototype achieved 98.5% success rates with outstanding cycle times, all in six weeks. The customer is confidently retooling to save time and money.

Another client needed to position large, rapidly-moving sheets of glass to within 10 microns in 1200 millimeters. For added excitement, the application required detection of a variety of features under differing lighting conditions and surface coatings, using a single optical configuration. Our system was delivered on time and under budget -- and may help reduce your energy costs soon!

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Radiology Information Systems Interfaces

Projects we've led for a major East Coast teaching hospital system have resulted in successful deployment of high-volume interfaces between the IDXrad radiology information system and order entry, results and billing systems. We've been able to coordinate requirements between multiple departments, organize a coherent specification, manage vendor work, oversee testing, and help out with coding when necessary. The interfaces have come up on time, work reliably, and carry up to 2,000 clinical events and $2.5 million in charges daily.

Commercial Security

When our client, a Northeastern building security startup, told us that their lead engineer had departed six weeks before a critical trade show, we were able to step in. We learned their architecture, helped refine their messaging specifications, and got to work. With our help, they took a robust prototype to the trade show and got first round funding.

Manufacturing Quality

Our customer's manufacturing line was set to produce 80 parts per minute, starting in 90 days, but two key test tools were missing. There were no specifications, but we established rapport with their engineers and concentrated on the essentials. Our flexible .Net-based architecture enabled us to respond quickly and effectively to late-breaking requirements, and enabled our customer to deploy stable, dependable test tools on time.

The Coelo Customer Experience

We turn your chaos into clarity, and make it fun:

“... outstanding prototype. The best research report I have ever seen.”

-- Project Manager, Fortune 500 Contract Manufacturer


“Coelo did a great job of capturing changing requirements on the fly, and was still able to implement the changes in time to meet the project deadline ... their ability to connect with customers and generate optimism and enthusiasm for the team made a huge difference in the project's success.”

-- Manager, Fortune 30 Electronics Manufacturer


“Quality code, and delivered on time, too.”

-- CEO, Commercial Security Vendor
We practice absolute integrity, and care about your success:

“If I were to set a standard it would be based on [Coelo's] performance ... Actually took time to understand how what he was doing would impact me. [Coelo] was fabulous to work with.”

-- IT Analyst, International Healthcare Consulting Firm