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Solving people's problems with technology is seldom easy. But it can be liberating and rewarding.

For 10 years, we have been meeting your needs — in the manufacturing, healthcare, and public safety sectors — within your timeframe and budget.

More important, our customers will tell you we have helped them replace chaos with clarity, stress with confidence and, dare we say it, even fun.

Real Solutions

Fire/EMS Planning: Code3Sim

Code3Sim is a simple, affordable, state-of-the-art resource planning simulator for municipal fire and EMS services. [MORE]

Manufacturing / Machine Vision

Align a solar panel within 10 microns in four feet? At 700mm/second? Done!   [MORE]

Insert an 8-micron part into a 9-micron hole, with a 15-micron robot? Done (in six weeks)!  [MORE]


Messaging interfaces handling thousands of clinical events, tens of millions of dollars, daily?

Patented feature-dectectors for mammography diagnostic aids?

RIS / PACS integration? GE Centricity? Legacy IDXrad problems?

We've addressed them all.  [MORE]

Database / Analysis

Realtime, custom control charts? Multivariate analyses? Feature extraction from large, noisy data sets? Talk to us!  [MORE]

Consulting Services

Worldwide Capability

We test in Dublin at 8am, codevelop with Singapore at 4pm, and do a project review with Hyderabad at 10pm. All in a day's work...  [MORE]

Software Development

From precision vision-guided solar panel manufacturing, through mission-critical test tools, to radiology systems handling millions of patient records and images, we make it work...  [MORE]

Project Management

Building stuff is about the people who build it. We love your team, they love us, and the results show it: on time, within budget, and built with pride and joy...  [MORE]